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Raw materials

 - CsCurvati Cristiano Spagnesi

The “Sfogliati”, are thin wooden sheets obtained after after the cutting of the tree trunks, and can be freely selected by our customers, depending on the requirements of every single project.


Some examples of wooden essences that we use:

 - Birch

 - Beech

 - Poplar

 - Etc..



Finishes - CsCurvati Cristiano Spagnesi


The exterior finishes can be veneers, pre-composed wood panels, laminates, mdf and coloured paper, tissues or leather coatings, etc.. 

Cs Curvati Company, proudly managed by Cristiano Spagnesi ensures maximum accuracy in finishes by controlling incoming materials, by constantly monitoring all stages of processing and by continuously inspecting the final product.

 - CsCurvati Cristiano Spagnesi

The splicing undergo the process of cutting and sewing through specific machines.