Cs Cristiano Spagnesi produces curved plywood boards for several market sectors, such as home furnishing, footwear manufacturing, naval furnishing, camper building, etc., etc. Our workers are certificated experts of wood processing and are eager to satisfy any demand with the most adequate answer by supplying a wide range of standard solutions as well as customized solutions created based on the customer’s requirements.  

Cs Curvati, proudly managed by brothers Spagnesi, is an artisan with twenty years of woodworking experience passionate about creating unique, innovative products for private clients and companies. 


Visit our website and you will find a molds catalogue as well as a wide range of products and services. You can contact us by e-mail: info@cscurvati.it or by phone 0573 382800 or, alternatively, come and visit our company. We will be pleased to offer our expert knowledge and assistance to meet customer need from design through the total process of product realization. 

Company profile

The CS Curvati Company by Cristiano Spagnesi is in Pistoia, in via Ponte a Iovi 61 and was founded at early ‘90s as a woodworking focused exclusively on the production of components and parts of armchairs and sofas, experimenting with various wood bending techniques.


Today, in addiction to the traditional carpentry, it has specialized in producing bent curved wood by using pioneer technologies and collaborating with designers or directly with companies and private customers.


The Spagnesi’s Company, specialized in the productions of curved plywood boards and complement furniture, offers technical and design support and helps customers develop their own ideas, from prototypes to mould realization.

 Our products comply with the high qualitative standards required by the market.


Brothers Spagnesi